Since 2011, the Carolina Domestic Staffing Agency has been taken care of fine homes and estates throughout the US. Our team of dedicated placement specialist are here to assist in making the perfect placement for you and your family.

Our Placement Fee for domestic placements come with a 60 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your placement, we will replace them for you FREE of charge within the first 60 days of employment.

Our placement fee for domestic placements are as follows:

Full Time Placement: 15% of the annual salary

Part Time Placement: 18% of the annual salary

Live In Placement: 20% of the annual salary

Domestic Couples: 20% of the annual salary

There is a $200 registration fee due before the search begins. Which you may pay on the client information tab.

Our team of qualified candidate's must have:

 - at least 3 years professional experience

- Verified Relevant References

- Clear background

- Be legalized to work in the US

We also verify additional information as requested such as DMV records check. We reject most of the candidates that apply with us as we adhere to a strict qualification process.